About Us

MaxEdge Software has been providing quality and easy to use software since 1990. We’ve designed custom solutions for businesses all over the country. There is no substitute for getting EXACTLY what you want, and how you want it.

We have extensive experience in solving problems for the aerospace, electronic, steel, satellite, and financial industries. We bring that same superiority of custom software to off-the-shelf solutions for you.

It’s our experience in finding solutions to many problems for a variety of individuals that makes the real difference. When you choose MaxEdge Software, you get a team of experts. We have walked where you’ve walked, experienced the same problems you’re experiencing, and we know the answers.

At MaxEdge Software, we’re a little old school. Back in the day, software support was free. After all, you deserve to receive help using the software you just licensed. We’re not going to help you diagnose your hard drive or your Windows installation, but support via email, chat, and forums are absolutely free!