Backup or Archive, what’s the difference, and does it matter?

Webmail Archive Manager is called archive manager for a reason, though an archive also provides an effective backup, but a backup is not an archive.

A backup is simply a copy or image of a email system at a point in time. It can be stored in the cloud on a CD/DVD or a thumb drive. It’s usually only accessed when something is lost from the original system or in the case of a total failure. You know what that feels like; “Oh No! ALL my data is gone!”

An archive is different. It’s a living, breathing, historical reference that can be accessed outside normal email use and backup cycle. The emails are usually removed from the actual email system, and moved to the archive. You can then access those historical emails at will, and anytime without it impacting your day to day email use.

It does matter, because with your web based (webmail) emails…you’re not just looking to back them up…you need access to them. You need to be able to search them and review them and look at the attached files. Although it’s always mattered, the method to do this kind of archive hasn’t been easy and hasn’t always been available.

Webmail Archive Manager is the utility to do this very thing, and it’s available right now.

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