Backups? Archives? Email? Webmail? So many solutions, so little time!

There are lots of ways to try to backup your webmail email account. Most of them are what I call….make-shift. Those solutions have instructions on using an email client and trying to download messages into it. As you know from my other articles, the only way to really do this is by accessing your account with POP3, and THAT means you can only download messages in your Inbox.

Other “solutions” transfer messages from your email client. Others try to store your messages to another cloud. From one cloud to another. Others are just a hard drive backup, and don’t REALLY backup your emails in your account at all!

Some are solutions for the email service provider, and they back up the entire email server or service. WAY beyond what me and my email account need!

This is what’s unique about Webmail Archive Manager. WAM gets your emails and folders directly from your webmail email account. It downloads those emails recording the text, the html, everyone that it was TO, everyone that was CCd, and all the file attachments into a living, breathing program. It even stores the full message header. You can search, reorganize, and do whatever you want to with those emails.

Safe, secure, accessible, and with you. Emails are just too important not to.

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  1. Patrick Franks
    | |

    This is so true! I saw your youtube video. I was getting confused with the different ways to rig this up. Your solution is direct and so easy to do. I love it! At last I can backup my emails and have my file attachments accessible to me.
    Have you considered adding the ability to synchronize back to my webmail account? What I mean is when I delete emails in WAM, I’d like to have the option to have those emails automatically deleted from my webmail account. Anyway…just a thought.

    1. Michael
      | |

      Actually Patrick, that is one of the new features we’re putting into the next version. It won’t do it automatically, but you’ll be able to choose emails you want this done with in a “batch” fashion as you mark them for deletion. Stay tuned!


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