Consequences of Switching Email Providers.

I’ve had an email with for years, but I’m ready for a change. I’ve cut my hair, cleaned my garage, and waxed my car. Now, I want a new email. I want one over at No problem! It’s free, and I’ve already signed up. I’m starting to send out emails to all my contacts letting them know about my new email address.

So, here’s the problem. My account at has tons of emails that I’ve accumulated over the years. Important emails. Important emails with important documents attached to them. Do I now have to keep this email going even after I’ve switched to my new email at Forever? No, I can forward all my emails from my old account to my new account. Wow! That’s A LOT of emails to send. Lots of time.

I should be able to switch emails without all this hassle. I should be able to have access to my past emails and files whenever I want, and not place it in someone else’s hands. Well, I can. Easily.

I can easily backup my web based email. I can easily archive my emails and have a searchable record with folders however I want them. Try Webmail Archive Manager, and see how well this utility works for you.

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