WAM reported an error downloading a message.

Sometimes WAM encounters a message that it has trouble breaking into its different parts. Since it’s not just “dumping” everything into a visual message like on webmail or in an email client, it won’t process that message. This error is because the message is not formatted correctly. These are almost always spam emails or incorrectly configured bulk senders. Skipping them is not usually a problem, but to be sure, they are left on your webmail email account. If you remove the messages you’ve downloaded, you’ll see these messages as left in your account, and you can review them to see what the problem might be.

If you feel a legitimate message is being reported as an error, please, feel free to forward the message to support @ maxedge.com so we can evaluate it to see why that particular email is causing an error.

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Category: WAM - Troubleshooting

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