Google’s “Less Secure App” issue.

If you use Gmail, then this is an issue that will affect you. It’s not really a big deal, but one of those annoyances that we sometimes have to deal with. Google has come up with their own authentication process. It adds additional security when you log into your Google or Gmail account. Unfortunately, they categorize any app not using THEIR process as “less secure”.

Your password is encrypted in WAM. The connection to Gmail is also encrypted with the latest, most secure protocols. Fortunately, there’s a way to set your account to allow “less secure apps” access. Remember, access is still very secure even if it’s “less” secure. If you are concerned, you can always switch it back after you’ve downloaded your emails.

Here are the step by step instructions:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account at
  2. There’s a “gear” icon in the upper right corner of the window, click the down arrow.
  3. Select “Settings” from the drop down list.
  4. Find the “Accounts and Import” tab and click on it.
  5. The first item in the list is “Change account settings:”
  6. Click on the link “Other Google Account Settings.”
  7. A new browser window or a new tab will open, this is your Google account.
  8. In the left window labeled “Sign-in & security”, click the third link down “Connected apps & sites.”
  9. In the main window, look down to the last entry called “Allow less secure apps:”, it is probably “Off”. Turn it “On” by clicking the slide bar.
  10. Close this browser window or tab.
  11. Sign out of Gmail.

Instructional Video

That’s it! You’re all set, and the test connection from WAM will work now. You will probably get an email telling you what you’ve done. Follow the same steps if you want to turn it back off.

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