What are Special Folders?

Many Email Providers have Special Folders in your account. These are folders that are in the account when you started, and you usually can’t delete them or change them. They often have a special meaning. Here are some examples:

All Mail = All your emails from all your folders.
Sent Mail = Emails that you’ve sent.
Important = Emails that are flagged a certain way.

These special folders usually show up in WAM under a bracketed folder. For example, Gmail’s special folders show up under the folder [Gmail].

The main thing to remember about special folders is that they’re usually a virtual type folder. They usually show you emails that are actually in some other folder or folders. If you download, for instance, the All Mail special folder, then ALL your emails will be downloaded to that folder in WAM. When WAM encounters those same emails in the other folders (where you had put them), it will consider it a duplicate email, and not download it. The result is that ALL your emails will be in your All Mail folder instead of the separated folders where you put them.

So, you’re going to want to select YOUR folders first, and download them. Then, you can go back and select the Special Folders to download. The messages have already been downloaded won’t be downloaded again. Anything that was missed in the first download will get picked up now.

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