How do I backup my email?

Alright, so now you may be a little worried. I’m really sorry about that! When there isn’t much you can do about something, we try not to think about it very much. Now, you might say “Hey! I use Carbonite® or Mozy® to backup my computer to the cloud, aren’t I safe?” No, I’m afraid not. You see, if you use a web based email system (webmail), those emails aren’t on your computer to be backed up. What you need is a backup or archive utility, a tool to allow you to download those emails. (Read my next article on the difference between backup and archive)

Allows you to download emails with the option of leaving them on the server (if you want) so you can still use them. Allows you to download emails with the option of removing them off the server so your webmail (web based email) experience is faster and more smooth. This performance increase is even true if you use an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird.

Webmail Archive Manager is the tool, the utility, for this very purpose.
It’s available right here at MaxEdge Software.

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