You can’t take it with you…

OK, you just finished your degree. You’ve been at it for a while now. Four, six, maybe eight years, and it was worth it. But now, you’ve received your “exit” email from your IT department. Six months, maybe a year after you graduate…your username will be deactivated. Well, that’s OK. You’re not going to be on campus anymore, you won’t be using their network or printers or storage space.

Oh, whataminute, what’s that? My email will be gone too? The email I’ve been using for the past 4 years (or 6 or 8)? Sure, I have a personal email too, but all my important stuff is on my college email address. How do I get that? How do I take that with me?

The only real way is by email archiving or backup. I feel that if the instructions to do something like this is more than 5 steps…it’s getting way too complicated. Webmail Archive Manager, WAM, does it in a few clicks!

You can have a complete backup of all your emails, folders, file attachments, and the email addresses of all those people you’ve been emailing back and forth with the past 4-8 years. You CAN take it with you, and in a simple format.

Some webmail backup or archive solutions will store your emails and files in their own, private, proprietary data file format. It’s safe…right? Nothing EVER happens to files or disks or computers that would cause you to worry about those emails and file attachments…right?

WAM is an email archive and backup solution that stores your files as files on your computer. You can back THAT up with any number of backup solutions for safety. You can even just through them on a thumb drive…they’re just files! Normal, everyday files.

You CAN take your emails with you, and you SHOULD.

WAM, backup or archive those webmail emails, easily, and fast.

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